Stuff We Do

Let's build a greener world together!

Design, Engineering and Fabrication

It is our constant endeavour to provide design and fabrication of various process equipments of top quality in time with competitive price. We are someone who understands your needs, someone who speaks your language, someone reliable like... Infolliance

Energy Conservation Turbine (ECT®)

We provide ECT® range of steam and Gas Turbines for various industrial process application including saturated steam application.Infolliance has appropriate adaptable and affordable Steam turbine solutions for the industrial and Power Generation, range from few Kilowatts to as large as 6 MW.

Energy Management

Smart Energy Management can result in saving worth billions of dollars on global scale. That's precisely why energy conservation has become a priority worldwide, especially with Industrial and Commercial users.

Electronic Descaling Technology

We provide innovative scale removal approach for water treatment solution, which leads to savings in maintenance, chemicals and energy cost.  With continues applications of scale removal and collection technology, infolliance provide trusted and cost-effective solution

IOT and IT Services

Empower the machine with IoT. Enabled predictive maintenance-Stay proactive and avoid the unexpected machine intelligence based on advanced analytics and IoT solution. We help customers to enable innovative business models through embedded licensing, and quicker time-to-market with an application enablement platform.

Smart Metering

Customizable and accurate, Infolliance Smart Metering is the cloud based management platform that integrates meters and instruments  data for electricity, gas, water ,heating and process by creating a dynamic application for automatic reading, analytics and billing

Our Skills

We are not just any other energy management company

Energy Audit

We are registered ESCO and leader in Industrial Energy Audits with vast experience in most of the industrial sectors.

ECM Recommendation

We have identified and recommended various innovative improvements for energy efficiency and conservation.

ECM Implementation

We walk the talk with customer by providing assurance of successful ECM implementation with M&V support for sustainability.

Cost Reduction

Optimize your energy usage, maintain a safe and productive environment and monitor your savings anytime, anywhere.

45,907 tons

CO2 Reduced

487,613  GJ/Year

Energy Saved

4,885,652 USD


A Little About Us


INFOLLIANCE SDN. BHD. (705423-U), was incorporated in 2005 to provide comprehensive energy efficiency and engineered solutions to governmental, industrial, commercial and institutional clients. For thirteen years, our staff of seasoned professionals have engineered and implemented a broad range of energy infrastructure solutions that include electrical power quality solutions, automation & IOT, energy conservation turbine combined heat and power, waste heat recovery, compressed air systems, biomass boilers, lighting retrofits, HVAC retrofits, industrial process controls, and renewable energy sources.

Innovative Energy Management

Some of our corporate clients